+ The Maze Runner (Libros PDF). Maze Runner Series Spanish Version and English Version. Informasi lainnya. Disimpan oleh. Rose Relborg. 9. The Maze Runner Libro 1 James Dashner Descarga Dashner Descarga [PDF] [EPUB] Cuando Thomas se despierta en el ascensor, la única. 5 days ago PDF Free Download La rivelazione - Maze Runner - Wikipedia estadounidense James Dashner, como primer libro de la trilogía homónima.

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    maze runner trilogy james dashner such as: handover document template job, 8va edicion libro en pdf uso compartido de archivos gratuito en mediafile, mcq. The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2) Pdf - eBook PHP. The Maze " The Maze Runner: Libro #1" James Dashner - Descarga PDF. (titulada Maze Runner: Correr o morir en Hispanoamérica y El corredor del laberinto "The Maze Runner: Libro #1" James Dashner - Descarga PDF The Maze.

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    Then she adds the fact that three days later her and Mark were running for their lives through a hot tunnel. So we can imagine that was the day the sun-flares hit.

    Mark makes his own joke, saying how it took the world being pretty much wiped clean for her to finally notice him. Folks, that's probably not the best way to flirt with girls. Mark instantly feels bad about the joke, especially because he struggles with the trauma of the sun flares. Memories often haunt him in his sleep. To break the awkwardness, Mark says that Alec and Lana probably have jobs for them to do, so they should get moving.

    They then set down the mountain and head for the village. When they reach the village, Lana approaches them. She also worked in the defense department before the sun-flares; Alec was her boss.

    THE MAZE RUNNER - Interactive Quiz Book Cómo Descargar Gratis el Libro ePub y PDF

    Lana talks about wanting to be back in a week; the group is planning a trip out into the wilderness to search for stuff. Trina asks if they have seen Darnell, the Toad, or Misty—woo, three more characters! Just then, a boy with underwear on his head walks in.

    It is Darnell. Misty and the Toad walk in, and the Toad leaps up like a frog and snatches the underwear off of Darnell's head. The Toad is small and stout, so the nickname fits perfectly.

    But he is also pretty darn muscular, so though everyone makes fun of him sometimes, they do it jokingly because they know he could beat the snot out of anyone.

    Turns out the underwear was the Toad's and he had not washed them in over two weeks. Everyone's laughing when suddenly a strange sound is heard—the sound of engines in the sky Chapter 3 The Toad announces that the sound is a Berg.

    Mark has not seen a Berg since the sun-flares happened. Misty wonders if the Berg is there to rescue everyone, but Darnell seems doubtful.

    But this one does not have anything painted on it. The Berg then lowers and lands. A ramp opens up and mist sprays from the gap. A huge crowd is now watching the Berg as it opens up.

    They have all been so desperate that this appearance could be the answer to their prayers. Finally, five people in green, rubbery suits walk out from the ramp—each one of them holding a black tube in their hands like a gun.

    Hmm, let us hope food sprays out of these tubes… Suddenly, they aim the tubes at the people, prompting Alec to freak out and push people to get them out of the way. The people from the Berg start firing darts out of the tubes; one striking Darnell right in the shoulder. Moral of the story? If a stranger in a green suit points a large black tube at you, run.

    Chapter 4 People are getting hit by darts left and right. Lana and Trina grab Darnell by the feet and try to move him away, while Mark tries to find cover for them. At this point, the Berg is shifting positions, and the people on it are getting better with their aim. When they look up, they see Alec waving his hands from the Shack. He is holding two rifles with grappling hooks attached to big coils of rope. Oh boy, the old man has some kind of plan up his sleeve. Mark grabs a piece of wood for cover, and then sprints toward Alec.

    They need to fight back. Chapter 5 Alec meets Mark halfway, and then pulls out an old pistol and hands it to him.

    Time for Mark to go James Bond on these green-suited meanies. The people in the Berg start to notice Alec and Mark scheming in the middle of the clearing, but Mark is already getting ready to shoot. Mark shoots two quick shots with the hope of startling them; it works, and they recoil backwards.

    Mark then takes better aim, and he nails one of the people on the Berg. Target neutralized. His next shot hits one of the weapons the people on the Berg are holding. It falls, and a woman scoops it up from the ground, attempting to figure out how to use it to fight back. It is Alec's turn for action: He asks for the gun, and pretty soon he is shooting into the sky with his device pulling him up the rope.

    Alec climbs up the ramp as the people shooting on the Berg retreat inside; Alec then shouts at Mark to shoot the other grappling hook. Mark hits the Berg, and just as he is about to press the green button the retractor button , the Berg rises up and yanks Mark up into the sky.

    Ugh, do not you just hate it when that happens? In a flurry of shouting and engines roaring, Alec is yelling at Mark to press the green button, while the hatch door is closing. Mark can't get enough control to press it.

    Will Mark make it? Tune in after this commercial break to find out!

    Chapter 6 Anyway, at this point, Mark is flying through the air getting smacked by the branches of trees. He is not having a perfect day, to say the least. He finally gets enough control to find the green button, but his fingers slip. Good grief.

    The Kill Order

    Luckily he does not get smushed by any trees, and he presses the button harder. He is yanked to Alec, and they both make it through the hatch just as the door closes.

    Inside it is dark and cool. Mark imagines an army of people inside waiting for them, but Alec thinks otherwise. He guesses there is only one guy waiting for them, plus a pilot. A whirlwind of emotions overcomes Mark—he thinks about Darnell and how the boy is probably dead—but Alec snaps him out of it and tells him they need to get a door open.

    They search for weapons, and to their surprise they find a sledgehammer. Alec starts whacking the door with it, each time making bigger and bigger dents. Meanwhile, Mark searches the room for anything useful.

    He finds a bunch of ominous boxes lying in the darkest corner of the room. He picks up one of the sealed boxes, and right on top of it is a biohazard symbol. The label says: Hmm, probably not the best idea for Mark to pick the thing up. Chapter 7 After wiping his hands on his pants you know, the best way to rid yourself of poison , he finds a wrench on the wall. Well, he has a weapon now too. Alec is about one swing away from breaking the door open; the plan is to smash it open and then hide so that they are not blown to pieces right away.

    Alec deals the final blow, and immediately three darts fly through the air as footsteps are heard running away.

    It is only one person, and he missed. Not only was there only one person, but whoever it was ran out of bullets and left the weapon on the ground. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on.

    [PDF] The Kill Order (The Maze Runner) NEW

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